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Shiller PE Ratio (CAPE ratio)

*** on 30/06/2022
! Max historical depth is 10 years

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Index description

The CAPE ratio is a valuation measure that uses real earnings per share (EPS) over a 10-year period to smooth out fluctuations in corporate profits that occur over different periods of a business cycle. The CAPE ratio, using the acronym for cyclically adjusted price-to-earnings ratio, was popularized by Yale University professor Robert Shiller. It is also known as the Shiller P/E ratio. The P/E ratio is a valuation metric that measures a stock’s price relative to the company’s earnings per share. EPS is a company’s profit divided by the outstanding equity shares. The ratio is generally applied to broad equity indices to assess whether the market is undervalued or overvalued. While the CAPE ratio is a popular and widely-followed measure, several leading industry practitioners have called into question its utility as a predictor of future stock market returns.

Subgroup indices

Index Current value Date
ASX 200 6,474.2 30/09/2022
ASX 50 6,314.5 30/09/2022
Australian All 6,678.7 30/09/2022
Dow Jones 28,725.51 30/09/2022
KOSPI 2,155.49 30/09/2022
MSCI ACWI 553.37 30/09/2022
MSCI Emerging Market 875.79 30/09/2022
MSCI World Index 2,401.32 29/09/2022
NASDAQ 100 10,971.22 30/09/2022
NASDAQ Composite 10,575.62 30/09/2022
NYSE Composite 13,472.18 30/09/2022
NZX 50 11,065.71 30/09/2022
Nikkei 225 25,853.99 30/09/2022
Nikkei Volatility Index 26.33 30/09/2022
Russell 2000 1,664.72 30/09/2022
S&P 500 3,585.62 30/09/2022
S&P MidCap 400 2,203.53 30/09/2022
S&P/TSX Composite 18,444.22 30/09/2022
STI 3,130.24 30/09/2022
Shiller PE Ratio (CAPE ratio) 28.9 31/07/2022
TA-125 1,883.93 29/09/2022
VIX Index 31.62 30/09/2022
Wilshire 5000 35,836.92 30/09/2022
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