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Create your index with Cbonds

To measure the performance
of portfolio management
When using the
index management strategy
Existing indices do not match
expectations and portfolio strategy
Create Index
Why Cbonds
Building an index based on more than 600,000 bonds and quotes from 200 exchanges and trading floors
Use of flexible methods of building an index in accordance with personal criteria
Limiting the shares of issuers in the portfolio, updating the index structure when rebalancing the portfolio, datafeeds via API or web service
Ability to create price and indexes of full, effective and simple yield, duration, T-spread and G-spread, volume and quantitative indices
Developing a custom methodology . Ability to track changes in index lists over time
to create an index you need
the list of emissions is already uploaded, you just need to go directly to database
go to Bond search, save your search query and push"Create Index" for further instructions
Create Index
Cbonds Country Corporate
Example of custom indexes
  • Cbonds Country Corporate - Eurobonds and Bonds in USD
  • maturity > 360 days
  • volume > $500 million
  • not lower than B3/B- from at least two leading agencies
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