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Stock Exchanges and Trading Platforms

Category — Market Participants
*Trading ground ID may be used in Cbonds Add-in to access to quotes via formulas. The Add-in may be downloaded here.

Trading ground name Trading ground full name Country of trading ground Trading ground type MIC ACRONYM Trading ground ID*
ADX Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange United Arab Emirates Exchange XADS ADSM 97
Albanian Secuities Exchange Albanian Secuities Exchange Albania Exchange XALS ALSE 395
Algiers Stock Exchange Algerian exchange Algeria Exchange XALG SGBV 291
AMEX American Stock Exchange USA Exchange 152
Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) Amman Stock Exchange Jordan Exchange XAMM ASE 311
Armenia Securities Exchange Armenia Securities Exchange Armenia Exchange XARM AMX 15
Astana International Exchange Astana International Exchange Kazakhstan Exchange AIXK AIX 385
Athens S.E. Athens Stock Exchange Greece Exchange ASEX ASEX 53
Australian S.E. Australian Stock Exchange Australia Exchange XASX ASX 121
B3 S.A. - Brasil, Bolsa, Balcao B3 S.A. - Brasil, Bolsa, Balcao Brazil Exchange BVMF B3 181
Bahrain Bourse Bahrain Bourse Bahrain Exchange XBAH BAHRAIN BOURSE 309
Baku S.E. Baku Stock Exchange Azerbaijan Exchange BFB 11
Banja Luka SE Banja Luka Stock Exchange Bosnia and Herzegovina Exchange XBLB BLSE 179
Barcelona S.E. Barcelona Stock Exchange Spain Exchange XBAR BMEX 59
BCBA Buenos Aires Stock Exchange Argentina Exchange BCBA 523
BCSE Belarus Currency and Stock Exchange Belarus Exchange BCSE BCSE 13
Beirut Stock Exchange Beirut Stock Exchange Lebanon Exchange 310
Belgrade S.E. Belgrade Stock Exchange Serbia Exchange XBEL BELEX 123
Berlin Exchange Berlin Exchange Germany Exchange XBER XBER 71
Bermuda S.E. Bermuda Stock Exchange Bermuda Exchange XBDA BSX 27
BME AIAF AIAF - Mercado De Renta Fija Spain Exchange XDRF 241
BME MARF Mercado Alternativo de Renta Fija Spain Exchange MARF MARF 397
BME SENAF Sistema Electronico de Negociacion de Activos Financieros Spain Exchange XNAF SENAF 399
Bolsa Boliviana de Valores Bolsa Boliviana de Valores (BBV) Bolivia Exchange XBOL BBV 337
Bolsa de Valores de la Republica Dominicana Bolsa de Valores de la Republica Dominicana Dominican Republic Exchange XBVR BVRD 295
Bolsa de Valores de Lima (BVL) Bolsa de Valores de Lima (BVL) Peru Exchange XLIM BVL 213
Bolsa de Valores de Mozambique (BVM) Bolsa de Valores de Mozambique (BVM) Mozambique Exchange XMAP 389
Bolsa de Valores y Productos de Asuncion Bolsa de Valores y Productos de Asuncion (BVPASA) Paraguay Exchange XVPA BVPASA 313
Bolsa Electronica de Chile Bolsa Electronica de Chile Chile Exchange XBCL BOLCHILE 321
Bolsa Electronica de Valores del Uruguay Bolsa Electronica de Valores del Uruguay Uruguay Exchange BVUR BOLUruguay 361
Bolsa Mexicana de Valores Bolsa Mexicana de Valores Mexico Exchange XMEX BMV 103
Bolsa Nacional de Valores de Costa Rica Bolsa Nacional de Valores de Costa Rica Costa Rica Exchange XBNV BNV 31
BondSpot BondSpot Poland Trading ground BOSP BONDSPOT 69
Botswana SE Botswana Stock Exchange Botswana Exchange XBOT BSEBW 303
BPVB (Venezuela) Bicentennial Public Securities Exchange Venezuela Exchange BPVB 185
Bratislava S.E. Bratislava Stock Exchange Slovakia Exchange XBRA BSSE 35
BRVM Bourse regionale des valeurs mobilieres Cote d`Ivoire Exchange XBRV BRVM 341
BSE BSE LTD India Exchange XBOM MSE 271
Bucharest S.E. Bucharest Stock Exchange Romania Exchange XBSE BVB 125
Budapest S.E. Budapest Stock Exchange Romania Exchange XBUD BET 127
Bulgarian SE Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia Bulgaria Exchange XBUL BSE 201
Bursa Malaysia (KLSE) Bursa Malaysia (KLSE) Malaysia Exchange XKLS BURSA MALAYSIA 43
BX Swiss BX Swiss AG Switzerland Exchange XBRN 507
BYMA Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos Argentina Exchange BYMA 524
Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) Cambodia Securities Exchange Cambodia Exchange XCSX CSX 391
CanDeal CanDeal Canada Trading ground CAND CANDEAL 297
Casablanca SE Casablanca Stock Exchаnge Morocco Exchange XCAS CASEX 351
CASE Central Asian Stock Exchange Tajikistan Exchange CASETJ 329
Cayman Islands Stock Exchange Cayman Islands Stock Exchange Cayman Islands Exchange XCAY CISE 131
Cboe BZX Exchange Cboe BZX Exchange, Inc. USA Exchange XCBO BATS 299
Chittagong Stock Exchange Chittagong Stock Exchange Ltd. Bangladesh Exchange 228
Chongwa (Macao) Financial Asset Exchange Chongwa (Macao) Financial Asset Exchange Co., Ltd. Macau Exchange 447
Colombian SE Colombian Securities Exchange Colombia Exchange XBOG BVC 165
Colombo SE Colombo Stock Exchange Sri Lanka Exchange 392
CSE Canadian Securities Exchange Canada Exchange 463
Cyprus Stock Exchange Cyprus Stock Exchange Cyprus Exchange XCYS CSE 287
Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange Tanzania Exchange XDAR DARSTEX 355
Dhaka S.E. Dhaka Stock Exchange Bangladesh Exchange XDHA DSE 227
Dubai Financial Market Dubai Financial Market United Arab Emirates Exchange 111
Dusseldorf SE Dusseldorf Stock Exchange Germany Exchange DUSSELDORF 237
EESE East European Stock Exchange Ukraine Exchange EESE 195
Egyptian Exchange Egyptian Exchange Egypt Exchange XCAI CASE 275
Eswatini SE (ESE) Eswatini Stock Exchange Eswatini Exchange XSWA SSX 339
Eurex Eurex Germany Exchange Eurex 289
Euronext Amsterdam Euronext Amsterdam Netherlands Exchange XAMS 443
Euronext Brussels Euronext Brussels Belgium Exchange XBRU 441
Euronext Lisbon Euronext Lisbon Portugal Exchange XLIS 439
Euronext London Euronext London United Kingdom Exchange XLDN 449
Euronext Oslo Euronext Oslo Norway Exchange XOSL 115
Euronext Paris Euronext Paris France Exchange XPAR EURONEXT 89
FMDQ FMDQ Nigeria Exchange FMDQ 249
Frankfurt S.E. Deutsche Boerse AG (FWB, Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange) Germany Exchange XFRA FSE 20
Georgian S.E. Georgian Stock Exchange Georgia Exchange GSE 19
GSE Ghana Stock Exchange Ghana Exchange XGHA GHEX 349
Guayaquil SE Guayaquil Stock Exchange Ecuador Exchange XGUA GUAYAQUIL 377
Hamburg S.E. Hamburg Stock Exchange Germany Exchange XHAM HAMBURGSE 63
Hannover SE Hannover Stock Exchange Germany Exchange XHAN HANNOVERSE 257
Hanoi SE Hanoi Stock Exchange Vietnam Exchange HSTC HNX 315
Hi- Mtf Hi- Mtf Italy Trading ground HMTF HI-MTF 209
Hong Kong S.E. Hong Kong Stock Exchange Hong Kong Exchange XHKG HKEX 23
HOSE Hochiminh Stock Exchange Vietnam Exchange XSTC HOSE 387
Indonesia SE Indonesia Stock Exchange Indonesia Exchange XIDX IDX 191
Innex SE Innex SE Ukraine Exchange INNEX 367
Iran Fara Bourse Iran Fara Bourse Iran Exchange IFB 365
Irish S.E. Irish Stock Exchange Ireland Exchange XDUB ISE 8
Istanbul S.E. Istanbul Stock Exchange Turkey Exchange XIST BORSA ISTANBUL 105
Italian S.E. Italian Stock Exchange Italy Exchange XMIL BORSA ITALIANA 109
Jamaica SE Jamaica Stock Exchange Jamaica Exchange XJAM JAMSTOCKEX 371
Johannesburg SE Johannesburg Stock Exchange South Africa Exchange XJSE JSE 157
KASE Kazakhstan Stock Exchange Kazakhstan Exchange XKAZ KASE 10
KISE Kyiv International Stock Exchange Ukraine Exchange KISE 193
Korea Exchange Korea Exchange Republic of Korea Exchange XKRX KOSDAQ 155
Kuwait Stock Exchange Kuwait Stock Exchange Kuwait Exchange 370
Kyrgyz S.E. Kyrgyz Stock Exchange Kyrgyzstan Exchange KSE 73
La Bolsa de Valores de El Salvador La Bolsa de Valores de El Salvador (BVES) El Salvador Exchange XSVA BOLSALVADOR 319
Latibex (Spain) Latibex (Spain) Spain Trading ground Latibex 396
Ljubljana S.E. Ljubljana Stock Exchange Slovenia Exchange XLJU LJSE 36
London S.E. London Stock Exchange United Kingdom Exchange XLON LSE 6
Luxembourg S.E. Luxembourg Stock Exchange Luxembourg Exchange XLUX LUBOURSE 7
MAB (Alternative Equity Market, Spain) MAB (Alternative Equity Market, Spain) Spain Trading ground MAB 398
Macedonian SE Macedonian Stock Exchange North Macedonia Exchange XMAE MCSE 175
Madrid S.E. Madrid Stock Exchange Spain Exchange XMAD MASE 57
MAE Mercado Abierto Electronico Argentina Trading ground XMAB MAE 435
Malta SE Matla Stock Exchange Malta Exchange XMAL MTSE 141
MAV Mercado Argentino de Valores Argentina Exchange MAV 415
Moldova S.E. Moldova Stock Exchange Moldova Exchange 12
Mongolian S.E. Mongolian stock exchange Mongolia Exchange XULA SEMN 77
Montenegro Stock Exchange Montenegro Stock Exchange Montenegro Exchange XMNX MNSE 267
Montevideo SE (BVM) Montevideo Stock Exchange Uruguay Exchange XMNT BVMT 363
Moscow Exchange Moscow Exchange Russia Exchange MISX MOEX 1
MSE Moscow Stock Exchange Russia Exchange MFB 18
Munich SE Munich Stock Exchange Germany Exchange XMUN MUENSE 255
Muscat Securities Market Muscat Securities Market Oman Exchange XMUS MSM 307
Nagoya Stock Exchange Nagoya Stock Exchange, Inc. Japan Exchange XNGO NSE 263
Nairobi S.E. Nairobi Securities Exchange Kenya Exchange XNAI NAISE 217
Namibian Stock Exchange Namibian Stock Exchange Namibia Exchange XNAM NASE 325
Nasdaq Dubai Nasdaq Dubai United Arab Emirates Exchange DIFX NDXB 85
Nasdaq Nordic Nasdaq Nordic USA Exchange Nasdaq Nordic 101
Nasdaq OMX Baltic Nasdaq OMX Baltic Latvia Exchange NASDAQ BALTIC 81
NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen Denmark Exchange NASDAQ COPENHAGEN 493
NASDAQ OMX Helsinki NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Finland Exchange NASDAQ HELSINKI 495
NASDAQ OMX Iceland NASDAQ OMX Iceland Iceland Exchange NASDAQ ICELAND 497
NASDAQ OMX Stockholm NASDAQ OMX Stockholm AB Sweden Exchange XSTO NASDAQ STOCKHOLM 159
National Stock Exchange of India National Stock Exchange of India India Exchange XNSE INNSE 143
Nigerian S.E. Nigerian Stock Exchange Nigeria Exchange XNSA NGSE 219
NSE International Exchange NSE IFSC LIMITED India Exchange INSE NSE IFSC 451
NYSE New York Stock Exchange USA Exchange XNYS NYSE 26
NZX New Zealand Stock Exchange Ltd New Zealand Exchange XNZE NZX 211
Palestine Exchange Palestine Exchange Palestine Exchange 372
Panama Stock Exchange Panama Stock Exchange Panama Exchange XPTY BVP 55
PDEx The Philippine Dealing & Exchange Corp.(PDEx) Philippines Trading ground PDEX PDEX 205
Perspektiva S.E. Perspektiva Stock Exchange Ukraine Exchange PERSPEKTIVA 75
PFTS First Stock Trading System Ukraine Exchange PFTS PFTS 5
Philippine SE The Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc. Philippines Exchange 204
Prague S.E. Prague Stock Exchange Czech Republic Exchange XPRA PSE 117
Qatar SE Qatar Stock Exchange Qatar Exchange 314
Quito SE Quito Stock Exchange Ecuador Exchange XQUI BOLSADEQUITO 375
Quotrix Quotrix Germany Trading ground QUOTRIX 245
Rwanda SE Rwanda Stock Exchange Rwanda Exchange RSEX RSE 343
S.E. Toshkent Republic stock exchange Toshkent Uzbekistan Exchange UZSE 79
Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange PJSC Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange Russia Exchange SPBEX 187
Santiago S.E. Santiago Stock Exchange Chile Exchange XSGO BOLSADESANTIAGO 189
SASE Sarajevo Stock Exchange Bosnia and Herzegovina Exchange XSSE SASE 177
Saudi Stock Exchange Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) Saudi Arabia Exchange XSAU TADAWUL 317
SET Stock Exchange of Thailand Thailand Exchange XBKK SET 95
SGX Singapore Exchange Ltd Singapore Exchange XSES SGX 21
Shanghai S.E. Shanghai Stock Exchange China Exchange XSHG SSE 93
Shenzhen SE Shenzhen Stock Exchange China Exchange XSHE SZSE 151
SIBE (Spain) SIBE (Spanish Stock Market Interconnection System) Spain Trading ground SIBE 394
SIX SIX Swiss Exchange Switzerland Exchange XSWX SIX 9
SPICEX Saint-Petersburg Interbank Currency Exchange Russia Exchange XPIC SPICEX 3
Stock Exchange of Mauritius Stock Exchange of Mauritius Mauritius Exchange XMAU MAUSE 335
Stock Exchange of Nicaragua Stock Exchange of Nicaragua Nicaragua Exchange XMAN BOLSANIC 359
Stuttgart Exchange Stuttgart Exchange Germany Exchange XSTU BOERSE STUTTGART 91
Taipei Exchange Taipei Exchange (TPEx) Taiwan Exchange ROCO TPEX 525
Taiwan SE Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Taiwan Exchange XTAI TWSE 161
TASE Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Israel Exchange XTAE TASE 33
Tehran SE Tehran Stock Exchange Iran Exchange XTEH TSE 383
ThaiBMA Thai Bond Market Association Thailand Trading ground 437
The International Stock Exchange (TISE) The International Stock Exchange (TISE) Guernsey Exchange XCIE TISE 373
Tokyo S.E. Tokyo Stock Exchange Japan Exchange JPX 32
Toronto SE Toronto Stock Exchange Canada Exchange XTSE TSX 163
TradeGate TradeGate Exchange Germany Exchange TGAT TGAG 119
Treasure BondSpot Poland Treasure BondSpot Poland Poland Trading ground SPOT 139
Trinidad and Tobago SE Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange Trinidad and Tobago Exchange XTRN TTSE 353
Tunisia SE Tunisia Stock Exchange Tunisia Exchange XTUN TNSE 333
Uganda SE Uganda Securities Exchange Uganda Exchange XUGA USE 345
UISE UISE Ukraine Exchange UISE 369
Ukrainian Exchange Ukrainian Exchange Ukraine Exchange UX 22
Universalna SE Universalna SE Ukraine Exchange Universalna 323
USE Ukrainian stock exchange Ukraine Exchange UKRSE 235
UzRCE UzRCE Uzbekistan Exchange UzRCE 17
Vienna S.E. Vienna Stock Exchange Austria Exchange APAW WIENER BOERSE 99
Warsaw Stock Exchange Warsaw Stock Exchange Poland Exchange XWAR WSE 51
XETRA XETRA Germany Trading ground XETR XETRA 137
Zagreb SE Zagreb SE Croatia Exchange XZAG ZSE 171
Zimbabwe SE Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Zimbabwe Exchange XZIM ZWSE 357
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