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ETF data API & data feeds

Cbonds collects and normalizes ETF data. We distribute quality data through ETF data API as well as via data feed.

Cbonds ETF API is a format for obtaining data on daily updated and historical data on more than 7K ETFs including market ETFs, bond ETFs, sector and industry ETFs, commodity ETFs, and international ETFs.

From the ETF Holdings API, you can access the holdings (asset, sector, etc) an ETF has, including weight, share and basic data on the asset.

You can get current and historical ETF holdings data, descriptive and EOD pricing data in a CSV, XLS and JSON format.

Cbonds ETF price API allows you to get data on opening price, closing price, maximum price, minimum price, turnover including turnovers in shares, the number of transactions, bid and ask.

Cbonds provides free ETF API within a test period of 2 weeks or to the limited number of instruments for a longer period.
  • 650 000
    • Descriptive parameters
    • Coupon Payment Schedule
    • Quotes
    • Put/Call options
    • Prospectuses
    • Defaults
    • Auctions
    • Covenants
  • 75 000
    • Quotes
    • Dividends
    • Parameters
    • Capitalization
  • 7 000
    • Quotes
    • Portfolio structure
    • Parameters
    • Dividends
  • 30 000
    • Cbonds Indices
    • Macroeconomic indicators
    • Yield Curves and Spreads
    • Derivatives market
    • Foreign exchange market
    • Money Market
    • Stock market and mutual funds
    • Products
    • Diseases
  • 400
    pricing sources
    • London Stock Exchange
    • Frankfurt Stock Exchange
    • NYSE
    • NASDAQ
    • Shanghai FB
    • FINRA
    • EuroTLX
    • Cbonds Estimation
  • 200
    • Europe
    • USA
    • Asia
    • South America
    • Africa
    • Middle East
    • Asia-Pasific countries
    • CIS

Available data blocks

  • Risk Assessment
  • Accounting for Financial Instruments
  • Portfolio Assessment
  • Big Data Analytics

Available data formats

Web service
File uploads
Transfer methods


Over 20 years on the market

  • data history since 2000
  • 1,500 subscribers, including international banks and corporations
  • reputation as a reliable and flexible data provider

Global coverage

  • Regions: Russia and CIS, USA, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, developed markets
  • Exchanges: Moscow Exchange, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, FINRA, NYSE, NASDAQ, EuroTLX, EURONEXT, Cbonds Estimation and others

Convenience of data retrieval

  • Flexible cost of services depending on the required data set
  • Customized data integration with software from the largest Russian developers: Avancore, Gama, ARQA Technologies, Softwell


+ 44 208 06 819 18 ext.3;
+ 31 657 81 88 12
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