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Data platform for financial market professionals and investors

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Our clients

Lorenzo Raffo


Financial journalist, private investor
«Cbonds is like a coffee. I use it every day and keep me posted on all-important events new issues, quotes and many other info. I could not do without it anymore, as for coffee!»

Andrey Kuleshov


Strategy and Development Advisor, Common Fund for Commodities
«We are engaged in investing of projects on the most complex Emerging Markets as Africa, Asia and Latin America. The CBONDS platform with its database on debt markets data worldwide gives us a great starting point for analysis and prioritizing our investments. CBONDS also provides us with sufficient information to manage our government bonds portfolio.»

Massimo Lumiera


Founder, Bespoke Wealth Advisory
«The Cbonds platform is a fundamental support for the analysis and management of our clients' portfolios.»
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Bond Search

A powerful search interface with over 60 filters will help you find issues matching your unique query among more than 700,000 domestic and international bonds.
Bonds inputs
Bonds result
Search results include Interest rate, Current bond yield, Quotes, Credit rating, Amount, Maturity date…
Bonds result
Bonds inputs
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Up-to-date pricing and yield information on your bond investments
watchlist bonds
watchlist stock
watchlist indices
watchlist mobile
Setting up notifications for all securities sent by mail and telegram
Watchlist is integrated into the Excel Add-in and the mobile app
watchlist notifications
watchlist notifications
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Included in Professional subscription
addin bonds
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Prices & Yields

Current & historical quotes from 250 world stock exchanges

UST Curve

View the main world benchmark in Excel in 2 clicks

Macro indices

View CDS & over 30 000 other macro statistic Indices

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Customized solutions for getting financial data in a structured form.- Datasets and historical values for analysis and calculations- Fast and convenient way to obtain structured data- Handy portfolio appraisal tool
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Historical data from 2000 onwards

Quotes for domestic and international bonds, stocks, mutual funds, ETFs

Pay only for what you need

Bespoke access dependent on the data you need

Global coverage

Data on financial instruments worldwide

Creating Indices

Create your own indices and keep track of their movement

Fast technical support

We do everything possible to ensure the smooth operation of your service

Convenient format

Wide range of data acquisition formats. The ability to adapt the service to your particular request

Risk Assessment

Risk Management

quotes (history and updates), bond parameters, credit rating

Accounting for Financial Instruments

Back Office, Accounting Services

end-of-day quotes (stock exchange), coupon payments, offers

Portfolio Assessment

Portfolio Managers, Investors

parameters and quotes of financial instruments, schedule of upcoming payments

Big Data Analytics

Analytical department, Data Science and Big Data

historical quotes of financial instruments, dividends, coupon and redemption payments

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Included in Professional subscription

Financial data in pocket

Access to data wherever you are and whenever you want

About Cbonds Platform

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Cbonds database contains over 35 thousand local and global indices. Cbonds also calculates its own debt market indicators.
Cbonds indices

Stock Search

Up-to-date and historical prices. Track stock price/ yield changes in the automatic way. Excel export. Screen by trading floor, stock type, country, industry, capitalization and dividend yield. Stock exchange quotations from more than 115 global exchanges.
stock search
stock search
stock result
stock result

ETF & Funds

Cbonds database contains over 10,800 ETFs and 93,100 Mutual Funds denominated in US dollars, euros, Canadian dollars, British pounds, and Swiss francs, which are traded on global exchanges in New York, London, Toronto, and Frankfurt. The main advantage of ETFs is low fees, while Mutual Funds are characterized by a high level of investment diversification.
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etf image
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etf mobile image
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