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About us & Contacts

Cbonds is an IT-company providing clients with comprehensive information on global financial markets, with our main focus being on the bond market. Founded in 2000, the agency has gained a reputation as a respected and competent source of timely and accurate data.
Among our clients there are regional banks, asset managers, brokerage companies, family offices and private investors from all over the world. We offer our clients subscription services, data feeds and API solutions.

Types of data/instruments we cover


We cover almost 500,000 outstanding bonds from 180 countries, with 100% coverage of Eurobonds and over 300 primary sources of prices from stock Exchanges and the OTC Market. For each market Cbonds provides descriptive bond data, pricing, documentation and ratings


Cbonds provides data on equities, traded on major global stocks exchange (currently more than 100 exchanges). For each individual stock we provide descriptive data, documentation, daily and real-time valuation and dividend history.

ETF & Mutual Funds

We provide data on ETF globally and data on local mutual funds domiciled in selected countries. We provide descriptive data on funds (strategy, fees, etc.), unit (share) price and asset allocation of each fund.


We provide data for thousands of indices and indicators related to the fixed income market, stock market, macroeconomics, etc.


CBONDS provides ratings data from major global rating agencies, as well as local agencies in different countries all over the world.

Corporate financial data

We track corporate financial data for companies that have stocks or bonds issued publicly, Cbonds aggregates this data and make it available to our customers.


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