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About us & Contacts

Cbonds is an IT-company providing clients with comprehensive information on global financial markets, with our main focus being on the bond market. Founded in 2000, the agency has gained a reputation as a respected and competent source of timely and accurate data.
Among our clients there are regional banks, asset managers, brokerage companies, family offices and private investors from all over the world. We offer our clients subscription services, data feeds and API solutions.

Types of data/instruments we cover


There are more than 725,000 bonds from 187 countries in our database. We also provide 100% coverage of Eurobond database and supply price data from more than 160 exchanges and more than 150 over-the-counter sources. All the parameters, issue documentation and ratings for bond issues are presented in the database. For 67,000 bonds and Eurobonds we calculate fair prices using our own Cbonds Estimation indicative methodology.

ETF & Mutual Funds

We aggregate and provide data on global ETFs, mutual funds, and more – the total number of funds in the Cbonds database is over 114,500. We maintain quotes, asset structures, and descriptive features (strategies, fees, etc.) for assets in each group of funds.


There are more than 80,000 securities in our database, which are traded on 117 global exchanges (including the world’s largest). The following tools are conducted in the stock database:

  • ordinary and preferred shares,
  • depositary receipts,
  • warrants,
  • rights.
For all securities, the following data blocks are collected in the database:
  • quotes with archives,
  • dividends,
  • parameters (quantity of securities, par value, codes/identifiers,
  • tickers,
  • dates of start/finish of circulation);
  • estimates (capitalization and dividend yield).


Cbonds database contains more than 50,000 indexes. We offer access to more than 15,000 macroeconomic indicators, collected from global and local agencies. Cbonds independently calculates indexes of prices and yields, and bond market statistics of separate countries and regions. Here you can find the data on tools of futures and money markets:

  • yield curves and spreads,
  • interest rates,
  • loans and deposits interest rates,
  • credit-default swaps,
  • currency swaps and forwards.


Cbonds provides ratings obtained from global rating agencies as well as from local agencies around the world.

Corporate financial data

We maintain a database of financial statements of companies that issue shares and bonds.


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