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Investment Bank &
Legal Advisor League Tables

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League tables for Investment Banks, Issuers & Legal Advisors (Since 2013)

A league table is a ranking of companies, sorted in descending order, according to specified criteria. They can be sorted by the number of issues, deals organized, or volume placed on the market. Cbonds has been publishing rankings on its website since 2013. Rankings of investment banks, legal advisers and issuers are all available. The main users of Cbonds rankings are Debt Capital Markets teams and legal consultants (who use them as promotional materials), bond issuers, press services, and the media.

The most significant Cbonds rankings are investment bank league tables. The site contains rankings for all segments of the Eurobond market, by region, sector, and bond type. Rankings are available for debut issues, sukuk-type instruments, and green bonds. Bookrunner rankings for local markets cover 18 countries, including the USA, Russia and most of the CIS countries, Argentina, Italy, and Turkey, to name but a few.

Legal consultants’ rankings show the position of companies providing legal support for transactions among other market participants, in terms of the number of transactions organized during a given period. Cbonds publishes league tables on Eurobonds worldwide, as well as local bonds in Argentina, including detailed data on to whom legal services were rendered, and the issuers or organizers of the bonds.

The distinctive feature of Cbonds’ league tables is that the company reconciles its data with placement organizers and legal advisers on a quarterly basis. This allows for the publishing of reliable and up-to-date information on the position of participants on the bond market.

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