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MOEX Broad Market Index

*** on 02/12/2022
! Max historical depth is 10 years

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Index description

The MOEX Broad Market Index includes the top 100 shares selected by the criteria of liquidity, capitalization and shares that are in free-float. The Index"s list of securities is used as the basis for the constituent list of other indices of the Moscow Stock Exchange. Companies with different capitalization have their own criteria of liquidity to be included in the list as well as companies with free-float less than 5%. . The top 100 by free-float market capitalization stocks that meet the criteria will be selected as the new list of constituents. The list of constituents of the Moscow Exchange Broad Market Index is a consolidated list of Moscow Exchange Index and Moscow Exchange Second-Tier Index. The lists of sectoral indices are also combined out of the list of the Broad Market Index by industry sector. This index is calculated in Russian rubles

List of securities for index calculation

Subgroup indices

Index Current value Date
MOEX Broad Market Index 1,594.31 05/12/2022
MOEX Chemicals Index 30,829.12 05/12/2022
MOEX Consumer Index 5,543.1 05/12/2022
MOEX Financials Index 6,282.92 05/12/2022
MOEX IT Index 1,930.17 05/12/2022
MOEX IT Total Return Index 1,933.82 05/12/2022
MOEX Metals and Mining Index 5,716.98 05/12/2022
MOEX Oil and Gas Index 5,783.35 05/12/2022
MOEX Power Index 1,401.38 05/12/2022
MOEX Real Estate Index 6,427.09 05/12/2022
MOEX Real Estate Total Return Index 7,029.61 05/12/2022
MOEX Shariah Index 642.07 05/12/2022
MOEX Shariah Total Return Index 705.76 05/12/2022
MOEX Small and Medium Capitalization Index 1,252.33 05/12/2022
MOEX Telecommunication Index 1,547.84 05/12/2022
MOEX Transport Index 807.79 05/12/2022
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