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IRS USD 1Y (mid-swap)

Previous value
5.3325% on 13/06/2024
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Index description

Interest Rate Swap USD 1Y (fixed interest rate vs 3M Libor). An interest rate swap is an agreement to exchange a stream of cash flows by applying a fixed and floating interest rate to a specified notional over a term to maturity.

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The composition of the index list

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Subgroup indices

Index Current value Date
IRS USD 10Y (mid-swap) 4.0922 % 14/06/2024
IRS USD 12Y (mid-swap) 4.0913 % 14/06/2024
IRS USD 15Y (mid-swap) 4.093 % 14/06/2024
IRS USD 1Y (mid-swap) 5.323 % 14/06/2024
IRS USD 20Y (mid-swap) 4.0435 % 14/06/2024
IRS USD 25Y (mid-swap) 3.9595 % 14/06/2024
IRS USD 2Y (mid-swap) 4.8225 % 14/06/2024
IRS USD 30Y (mid-swap) 3.8653 % 14/06/2024
IRS USD 3Y (mid-swap) 4.5258 % 14/06/2024
IRS USD 40Y (mid-swap) 3.63955 % 14/06/2024
IRS USD 4Y (mid-swap) 4.3548 % 14/06/2024
IRS USD 50Y (mid-swap) 3.41245 % 14/06/2024
IRS USD 5Y (mid-swap) 4.2485 % 14/06/2024
IRS USD 6Y (mid-swap) 4.1853 % 14/06/2024
IRS USD 7Y (mid-swap) 4.142 % 14/06/2024
IRS USD 8Y (mid-swap) 4.113 % 14/06/2024
IRS USD 9Y (mid-swap) 4.1024 % 14/06/2024
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