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"Cbonds.ru" Ltd
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Bond debt
  • High performance interface for global bond market screening
  • Full information on close to 500,000 bonds from 180 countries
  • 100% coverage of Eurobonds worldwide
  • Over 300 primary sources of prices
  • Ratings data from all international and local ratings agencies
  • Stock market data from 100 world trading floors
  • Intuitive, high speed user interface
  • Data access via the website, mobile application and add-in for Microsoft Excel


Cbonds is an independent information agency specializing in the sphere of financial markets. Founded in 2000, the agency has gained a reputation as a respected and competent source of timely and objective information. The Cbonds information platform has been translated into 8 languages and contains relevant information from 170 countries.

Our website features information on over 300,000 issues which can be easily sorted by type, country or sector with the help of the bond search.

Each issue page contains more than 100 different parameters including cash flow, quotes and issuer ratings from the leading rating agencies, such as Moody's, Fitch Ratings, and Standard & Poor's.

Daily updated bond quotes are translated from more than 110 sources including trading platforms and offers from the various players on the market. Additionally, our agency creates ‘Cbonds Estimation’ in order to create indicative quotes that best fit the current market conditions and supply and demand trends.

Our website offers news and analytics from investment banks all over the world.

The analytics functions help compare bonds, build models and analyze markets globally, while additional services allow you to follow your investments and get e-mail updates with news related to issuers selected.

Here are some of the unique services the Cbonds information platform has to offer:

"Bond maps" allow you to plot graphs of the yield or spread of bonds in accordance with their duration or maturity. This service provides users with a graphical representation of the trading issues and quickly evaluate the situation on the global bond and Eurobond markets within any region, country, sector, or industry. The graphical analysis section enables users to create graphs on several bond issues based on prices, yield and spread.

The bond calculator is designed to calculate the analytical indicators used in bond assessment. The tool allows users to calculate prices, accrued coupon interest, various types of bond yields, duration, as well as modified duration, convexities, PVBP, several types of spreads (G-spread, T-spread).

The Watchlist service allows users to track all the latest information on their bond portfolios. The system allows users to view quotes according to the chosen trading platforms and issue parameters. Details on news and events concerning the selected securities can be sent to users by email or download directly in Excel format.

The additional Add-in service allows users to quickly download bond characteristics, trading systems and market players quotes, bond market indices, the calendar of events, as well as to work with Cbonds analytical services directly in Excel.

Among our loyal customers we are proud to include "The Big Four" auditing companies- KPMG, ‎PricewaterhouseCoopers, ‎Ernst & Young, ‎Deloitte Touche, international financial institutes - IMF, The World Bank as well the leading investment companies - Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, UBS, alongside many others.

Apart from running the information platform, Cbonds Group holds annual events for stock market players in a number of different countries. One of the most well-known conferences is held in London "Cbonds Emerging Markets Bond Conference" and has been organized annually for over 8 years.


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