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Belarus Eurobonds are mostly rising as well as the EUR/BYN and USD/BYN pairs

August 31, 2020
6.875% 28feb2023

Today Belarus Eurobonds are mixed.

  • 6.875% 28feb2023 note has experienced the most noticeable change and increased from 97,74% Friday's close to 99,23%. This bond has been growing for two weeks now, though with a little deterioration on the way. 
  • 7.625% 29jun2027 bond has increased as well and reached 99,70%, versus 98,99% on Friday. It has been recovering at a much slower pace, but still shows positive changes.
  • However, 6.2% 28feb2030 security has slightly fallen and moved to 93,34% from 93,40% (Friday). 

Speaking about the euro and US dollar against the Belarusian rouble, they have been surging, reaching new highs. EUR/BYN has increased from Friday's official rate of 3,149 and now equals 3,1668. USD/BYN has peaked 2,6631 today, comparing to Friday's rate of 2,6612.

The price figures correspond to the latest data of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The rate figures correspond to the latest data of the National Bank of Republic of Belarus.
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