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Cbonds has prepared the league table for investment banks – the arrangers of Argentinian bonds for 2019

January 10, 2020
Cbonds announces the publication of the league table for investment banks – the arrangers of domestic corporate bonds in the Argentinian market for 2019. Only domestic corporate bonds are represented in the league table. Securitized bonds, structured products, and bonds with a maturity of less than 365 days are not taken into account.
In 2019 the cumulative volume of the registered issues amounted to 1 614 mln US dollars. Banco Santander is ranked the highest with a result of 170 million US dollars and 16 issues. It is followed by Grupo SBS, which arranged 12 issues for a total of 149 million US dollars, and Banco Galicia, which took part in arranging the placement of 19 issues for 134 million US dollars. 

Top five investment banks – arrangers of placement of domestic corporate bonds in Argentina, 2019

Investment bankVolume, million USDMarket share, %Number of issuersNumber of issues
Banco Santander17010.531016
Grupo SBS1499.22812
Banco Galicia1348.331319
Banco Macro1267.811015
Puente Hnos.1177.231315

You can find the full league table at the following link. The website also offers a league table generator allowing you to generate league tables based on selected filters such as branches, sectors, and issue currency.

Cbonds expresses its gratitude to the investment banks involved in validation of deals included in the Cbonds rankings. To all participants of the primary bonds and Eurobonds market we suggest cooperation that makes our rankings more equitable and reflective the real market situation. 

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