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Concorde Capital Research: Ukraine raises UAH 4.7 bln from local bond sale, accepting all bids

February 27, 2019
Ukraine’s Finance Ministry raised UAH 1.1 bln and USD 136.2 mln (a total of UAH 4.7 bln in the equivalent) at its weekly bond auction on Feb. 26 after raising the equivalent of UAH 3.5 bln at the auction last week. The government satisfied all bids both for UAH- and USD-denominated bonds.

The USD auction receipts more than tripled from USD 40.2 mln raised last week. Around a half of USD auction receipts – USD 72.2 mln – came from the sale of four-month bonds. They were bought by four bidders at 6.50%. In addition, seven bidders bought 5M bonds for USD 18.5 mln at 6.70%, eight bidders bought 9M bonds for USD 35.0 mln at 7.25%, 15 bidders bought 1Y bonds for USD 2.6 mln at 7.25%, nine bidders bought 18M bonds for USD 3.7 mln at 7.25%, and 17 bidders bought 2Y bonds for USD 4.2 mln at 7.50%.

Three-quarters of auction UAH receipts came from the sale of bonds with the shortest term of maturity. In particular, 16 bidders bought 4M bonds for UAH 640.0 mln at 19.00%, and eight bidders bought 6M bonds for UAH 165.5 mln at 19.00%. In addition, the government satisfied four bids for 1Y bonds for UAH 2.3 mln at 18.5% and four bids for 2Y bonds for UAH 248.9 mln at 18.0%.

Evgeniya Akhtyrko: It looks like the government made an effort to raise more U.S. dollars in order to redeem local Eurobonds for USD 457.5 bln on Feb. 27. At with previous actions, the most revenue was drawn from the placement of bonds with the shortest term of maturity.
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