Concorde Capital Research: Ukraine raises UAH 69 mln in local bond sale

January 9, 2019
Ukraine’s Finance Ministry raised UAH 41.8 mln and USD 1 mln (a total of UAH 68.9 mln in the equivalent) from its weekly bond auction held on Jan. 8.

The government raised UAH 34.4 mln from selling 3M bonds to 13 bidders at 19.0% while leaving unsatisfied nine bids. In addition, MinFin sold 8M bonds for UAH 7.5 mln while accepting two out of three bids at 18.5%. The government left unsatisfied five bids for 6M bonds, four bids for 1Y bonds and two bids for 3Y bonds.

The USD auction receipts came from the sale of 3M bonds to two bidders at 6.7%.

Evgeniya Akhtyrko: Relatively low auction receipts are typical for the beginning of the year. The government is trying to return the market to lower interest rates for UAH-denominated bonds. Recall, MinFin hiked interest rates on short-term bonds in December while trying to attract more cash for financing the budget deficit at the end of the year.
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