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Botswana Government Debt

BWP Million
*** BWP Million on 31/12/2020
! Max historical depth is 10 years

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Subgroup indices

Index Current value Date
Austria Government Debt 334,084 EUR Million 31/12/2021
Botswana Government Debt 33,706.1 BWP Million 31/12/2021
Canada Government Debt 1,134.49 CAD Billion 31/12/2022
Czech Republic Government Debt 2,566,587 CZK Million 31/12/2021
Euro Area Government Debt 11,720,340 EUR Million 31/12/2021
Morocco Government Debt to GDP 77.9 % 31/12/2021
Namibia Government Debt 124,347 NAD Million 31/12/2021
New Zealand Government Net Debt 128,873 NZD Million 31/12/2022
Oman Government Debt 18,756 OMR Million 31/12/2020
Suriname Government Debt 66,881.8 SRD Million 31/12/2021
Switzerland General Government Debt 201,515 Million CHF 31/12/2021
Zambia Government Debt 13,041.2 USD Million 31/12/2021
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