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Mid-term Treasury bills of Kazakhstan (MEOKAM, Kazakhstan)

Category — Sovereign Bonds
MEOKAM Mid-term treasury bills (in the Kazakh language, Мемлекеттік орта мерзімді қазынашылық міндеттеме) are treasury bills of the Republic of Kazakhstan, issued with maturities of 1 to 5 years inclusive. Previously, mid-term treasury bills MEOKAM were also placed with maturities of over 5 years, but the situation changed after the adoption of the new "Rules of Issue, Placement, Circulation, Servicing and Redemption of Government Treasury Bills of the Republic of Kazakhstan" on December 13, 2018.

The nominal value of the МEОКАМ mid-term treasury bills is equivalent to KZT 1,000.

They are placed and redeemed at nominal value, with a coupon being paid within the maturity period. The calculation base for coupon calculation is 30 days in the assessment month / 360 days in the assessment year. The coupon on the treasury bills is paid twice a year on days set by the issuer with a corresponding frequency.

The sum of the coupon is determined by using the following formula:
S=N*C*180/360 , where
S (KZT) — sum of the coupon on mid-term treasury bills МEОКАМ to be paid;
N (KZT) — nominal value of the corresponding number of the mid-term treasury bills to be paid on a regular basis;
С (%) – coupon rate.

Note: All operations with long-term indexed treasury bills are carried out by the investor via a primary dealer.

The first issue of MEOKAM bills was placed on September 10, 2003. These were 10Y securities with an issue volume of KZT 1 billion and a coupon rate of 6.44%. They were redeemed on 8/9/2013.
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