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UTair carrier starts transportation of Tranasero passengers - UTair general director

October 5, 2015 TASS
UTair carrier has started transportation of passengers of Tranasero, UTair’s general director Andrei Martirosov told TASS on Monday.
"We have been transporting passengers of Tranasero for a week already. Transaero cancels flights and we receive its passengers in compliance with the transfer order. So far we are transporting them in order to avoid disruptions, without setting any conditions," he said.
Earlier, a source in aviation circles told TASS that Aeroflot was going to carry all passengers of Transaero on its own in order to get all the rights to the company’s international routes.

According to the source, airlines still do not know what they will receive for their assistance in transportation of passengers, if they are involved in this process and whether they will be granted the right to international routes of the carrier.
"This situation is convenient not only for Aeroflot, but also for the Transport Ministry and the Federal Air Transport Agency. Aeroflot comes, transports all the passengers and receives all rights to international routes of Transaero automatically. This, of course, would lead to monopolization of the market. Will the routes of Transaero be divided fairly and not just be given to Aeroflot’s subsidiaries is now the main question that concerns all the airlines, the entire aviation industry," the source said. -
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