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Series BO-16 - BO-25 bonds of TransFin-M have been registered

January 30, 2013
MICEX has admitted to trading the exchange bonds of TransFin-M: series BO-16 through BO-25, according to MICEX report. On January 29, 2013, the issues were assigned ID numbers 4B02-16-36182-R through 4B02-25-36182-R. The decision to place exchange bonds of series BO-16 - BO-25 was approved at the general meeting of TransFin-M in November of 2012. In 2012, Leasing Company TransFin-M placed exchange bonds to a total of RUR 9 bln through public offering on MICEX. All in all, the company placed 06 series of bonds this yeat (BO-08, BO-09, BO-10, BO-11, BO-14, BO-15). In the secondary market, transactions with the bonds of TransFin-M (series 04-08, BO-08, BO-14) totalled RUR 3.46 bln. Coupon rates on all issues amounted to 10.5% p.a. Bonds of all series have a tenor of 3 years. The actual price of the sale was RUR 1,000 per bond, i.e. 100% of the face value. All issues were arranged by Svyazbank, which was also collecting the bids for each issue. Also in 2012, TransFin-M repaid 1 bond issue (series 02) for a total of RUR 1.5 bln. Amortized bonds of series 04, 05, 08, 09 were partially repaid for a total of RUR 155 mln. Series BO-08 and BO-14 were repaid in advance in total amount of RUR 2.5 bln, by agreement with bondholders. "We started selling bond issues in 2006, and our own experience has proven it to be a reliable source of financing for the leasing company's projects. Next year, our company plans to offer bonds for a total of over RUR 10 bln, said CEO of TransFin-M Dmitry Zotov. Over the 6 years of bond circulation we haven't had a single default, and in the future we shall do our very best to remain a reliable, trustworthy partner."
Company — TransFin-M
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    TransFin-M PJSC
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