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Get two-week free trial of new Cbonds website section on European government bonds

September 20, 2012

Cbonds continues to expand its coverage to new markets. We have launched a new website section on Europe devoted to European government bond market and are proud to offer you a 2-week free trial of our new service Cbonds-PRO EU to discover options offered by the new website section. You can request the trial on our website.

European government debt markets are in the limelight again after a short lull. Prices of peripheral European bonds are on the rise after the launch of a new ECB programme. However, the crisis in not over yet and we are looking forward to the EU meeting in October that may bring about some key decisions. We are keeping track of all developments in Europe on our new webpage and invite you to join in.

The information on European government debt market includes a newswire and a government bond database on the majority of European sovereigns. The website also offers government bond auction data on 11 countries, including Italy, France and Germany having the largest markets in Europe. The website also has bond quotes from major European stock exchanges and the OTC market. You can also build yield curves based on available quotes.

Apart from these options, the new webpage has traditional sections devoted to research and comments by government bodies and investment banks, key indices and market gauges, event calendar (auctions, coupons, and redemptions). The index and quotes sections contain the latest figures and data archives, as well as convenient geographic options for data visualisation and chart building.