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VTB Bank (Austria) raising $300m syndicated loan

September 11, 2008
On behalf and at the request of VTB Bank (Austria) AG (“VTB Austria”),
as the Initial Mandated Lead Arrangers and Bookrunners are pleased to announce that they have been mandated to arrange a US$ 300,000,000 Syndicated Term Loan Facility (the “Facility”) for VTB Austria.

Summary details of the transaction

The Facility, which has a tenor of two years with a possible extension of 2 more years at the discretion of the lenders, pays a margin of 1.05% over LIBOR.
The Facility will be made available to refinance syndicated loan facilities for Donau-Bank AG [now VTB Bank (Austria)] and for BCEN Eurobank SA [now VTB Bank (France)].

Participation in the facility is offered at one of the following levels:

MLA: USD 25,000,000 or more for 190 bps (all-in 200 bps);
Arranger: USD 20,000,000 or more for 180 bps (all-in 195 bps)
Co-Arranger: USD 15,000,000 or more for 170 bps (all-in 190 bps)
Lead Manager: USD 10,000,000 or more for 160 bps (all-in 185 bps)
Manager: USD 5,000,000 or more for 150 bps (all-in 180 bps).
Company — VTB Bank Austria
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    VTB Bank (Austria) AG
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