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Colombia seeks to attract foreign investors to support sustainable development

September 7, 2021 Cbonds

Last summer, the issues of attracting foreign investors to support the sustainable development of the Colombian financial market were considered within the framework of the COLOMBIA INSIDE OUT 2021 conference. In particular, the conference topics were devoted to attracting investment in infrastructure, energy and technology sectors, as well as maintaining global investment interest in social, environmental and sustainable projects organized by Colombian companies.

Over the past few years, several ESG-oriented bonds have been issued in Colombia at once. Bancoldex was the leader in issuing such bonds. It placed green bonds, social bonds, and orange bonds, which are focused on financing projects or industries classified as creative and / or cultural.

Currently, the volume of the Colombian corporate bond market is about 82,337.69 billion Colombian pesos ($21.9302 billion), which is a stable volume for this market over the past years. For 8 months of 2021, about 4.333.37 billion Colombian pesos of debt were issued on the Colombian corporate bond market. For comparison, over the same period in 2019, about 7,998.45 billion Colombian pesos of debt were issued, and in 2020 - 6,030.16 billion Colombian pesos.

Despite the decline in indicators, it is worth noting the positive dynamics of the development of the corporate bond market in Colombia due to the issuance of new types of bonds that satisfy various needs in financing different spheres of society.

For more information about different types of bonds, read the Glossary on the Cbonds website.

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