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Cbonds Publishes Gazprombank Analytics

March 3, 2021
We are pleased to announce that Cbonds subscribers henceforth have the opportunity to read Gazprombank’s analytical reviews.

Gazprombank is one of the permanent leaders on the Russian financial market and a long-term partner of Cbonds.

The team of analysts from Gazprombank’s Market Analysis Department has earned recognition on the market and has repeatedly become an awardee of the annual Cbonds Awards.

Vladimir Pantyushin, Head of the Market Analysis Department of Gazprombank, stated: “My colleagues and I are pleased to expand the range of interactions with Cbonds, with which we are connected by a long-term partnership. We are also delighted to broaden the circle of readers of our reports and are grateful to the Cbonds team for this opportunity. I hope that our expertise in covering the financial markets of Russia, the CIS, and China will help Cbonds subscribers make successful investment decisions.” 

Sergey Lyalin, CEO of Cbonds, said: “Cbonds and Gazprombank are linked by long-term cooperation, and it is very important for us that, from now on, the analytics from Gazprombank will be available to Cbonds subscribers. Gazprombank’s analytical team is undoubtedly one of the most prominent in Russia, and it is essential to note that Gazprombank’s reach covers not only Russia but also the CIS countries and Emerging Markets, in particular, Gazprombank has strong expertise in China. For us, cooperation with Gazprombank is an important step in the development of our Research Hub project, within which we act as an “integrator” of analytical materials from leading investment houses in Russia and many foreign providers.”

The analytical reviews of Gazprombank are available to Cbonds subscribers after pre-moderation in the Research Hub section, as well as on bonds and shares pages of the issuers mentioned in the reviews.

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