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Loan: Uzpromstroybank, 09.2020

Loan information

  • Country
  • Status
  • Type
  • View
  • Volume
    80,000,000 USD
  • Signing
    September 2020
  • Redemption
    October 2021
  • Purpose of the loan
  • Loan specifics
    Interim loan, Islamic loan, With the participation of an international organization, Subordinated loan, Club credit, Multicurrency loan, Amortized loan, Deal with ECA, ESG
  • senior loan
  • Settlement rate, %
  • Loan extension
  • Increase in loan amount
  • Data for additional tranche
  • Purpose of the loan (more)
  • Changing the terms of the loan
  • Security and guarantees
  • Additional Information


  • Leading bookrunners
  • Other members of the syndicate
  • Shares and remuneration
  • Investment banks and other agents

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JSCB "Uzpromstroybank" is one of the oldest financial institutions in the Republic of Uzbekistan, operating since the opening of the Central Asian office of the Industrial Bank in Tashkent in 1922. JSCB "Uzpromstroybank" finances large investment projects and credits basic sectors of the economy, small business and private entrepreneurship, and also provides a wide range of retail services. The Bank carries out in the aggregate operations on opening and maintaining bank accounts, making payments, attracting funds in deposits (deposits), providing loans on its own behalf, defined as banking activities. Fitch Ratings confirmed the rating of Uzpromstroybank at B + / B with a Stable outlook.
  • Borrower
  • Sector
  • Full borrower name
    Uzbek Industrial And Construction Bank
  • Industry
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