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Euro Area Central Bank Balance Sheet

EUR Million
*** EUR Million on 25/11/2022
! Max historical depth is 10 years

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Index description

The index reflects the amount of assets (liabilities) of the European Central Bank at current prices, not seasonally adjusted. In the aftermath of the global financial crisis, the ECB has a regular policy of repurchasing securities to its balance sheet. The latter was launched in March 2020. Information about the securities of the ECB in its portfolio is available on the page https://cbonds.com/company/19777/

List of securities for index calculation

Subgroup indices

Index Current value Date
Australia Central Bank Balance Sheet 624,209 AUD Million 30/11/2022
Euro Area Central Bank Balance Sheet 8,470,941 EUR Million 02/12/2022
United Kingdom Central Bank Balance Sheet 1,094,566 GBP Million 30/11/2022
United States Central Bank Balance Sheet 8,584,576 USD Million 30/11/2022
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