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An issue prospectus is an official issue document that is prepared by the issuer prior to the placement of securities and contains essential information about the organization and parameters of the planned placements. The prospectus is registered with the relevant supervisory authority of the country where the securities are placed.

The main purpose of the prospectus is to provide complete, comprehensive and reliable information, thanks to which potential investors can make an informed investment decision to purchase this issue.

The bond prospectus includes information about the issuer and the financial and economic activities that it conducts, including all risk factors; financial statements of the issuer; detailed terms of placement (purpose of the issue, volume, dates of placement and maturity, rates and procedure for coupon payments, put/call options, covenants, conditions for securing the issue).

There can be differences between the original prospectus and the final prospectus. The original prospectus is drawn up in advance, before the issue, when many of the issue parameters have not yet been determined. It is used to initially determine the interest of the market and investors in the proposed security. The final prospectus contains a full description of the issue, including the offering price.

Prospectuses for a specific issue on the Cbonds website can be found on the bond page in the "Files" block. For example, Pemex, 6.5% 2jun2041, USD (US71654QAZ54).
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