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OFZ-AD (Russia)

Category — Sovereign Bonds
means federal loan bonds with debt amortization. Their par value is denominated in the currency of the Russian Federation and is equal to RUB 1,000. They give their owners the right to receive the following:
– Coupon yield, which is accrued on the outstanding portion of the par value;
– Par value, which is repaid in parts. In addition, the par value (debt amortization) is repaid on the dates that coincide with the coupon dates specified in the Issue Order.
Moreover, a limited number of potential buyers could be identified for each individual issue.

Like all federal loan bonds, they were auctioned by the Ministry of Finance or traded privately. They were first issued on May 22, 2002 (Russia, 45001). For some time, federal loan bonds with debt amortization accounted for the major portion of Russia’s internal debt. However, starting from 2011, the Ministry of Finance has not placed this type of securities and is gradually withdrawing them from circulation. The date of the last issue Russia, 46023 is September 30, 2011.
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