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Legal Adviser

Category — Market Participants
Legal advisor is a private person or a legal entity who provides legal advice. He can work with both corporates and individuals and provides a wide range of legal services, such as drafting documentation, registration and maintenance of business activities, resolving disputes and conflict situations, protecting the interests of the customer in litigation, interacting with government agencies etc.

Within the framework of the stock market, a legal consultant provides services for the preparation and publication of issue documents (prospectus) in accordance with domestic and international laws. Legal advisor is directly involved in organization of the underwriting process, provides advice on the current legislative framework of the emission process and other legal aspects.

The legal advisor of issues can be either an employee of the issuing company or a representative of specialized firms. If the legal consultant is not a part of the staff of the company, his activities can be formalized as a one-time transaction, or a long-term cooperation agreement.

A legal advisor may have his own specialization (for example, he can advise on the preparation of issue documents), however, there are also wide-profile specialists who provide a full range of legal services within a certain area (for example, the stock market).

Legal advisor, as a rule, receives the remuneration specified in the contract, however, in certain cases, the amount of the monetary remuneration depends on the result of the consultant’s work (for example, in the case of the successful implementation of the planned volume of the issue).

In the stock market legal experts provide such services as drafting issue documents for a company, organizing the entire issuance process, including publishing in the media, underwriting, issuing securities on the stock exchange, etc. there are various ratings that allow you to choose among a large number of specialists the most suitable for the requirements of the issuing company. Ranking of legal consultants for a number of countries is also available on the Cbonds website.
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