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Category — Issue Parameters
The CINS code (CINS, a code of CUSIP International Numbering System) is an international code that uniquely identifies financial instruments. It allows for the identification and differentiation of various securities such as bonds, shares, warrants, derivatives, funds, etc. The CINS is assigned to securities traded outside the USA and Canada.

Like the CUSIP code, the CINS consists of nine alphanumeric symbols. The first six symbols are known as the "base" or "CUSIP-6" and identify the issuer of the security, with the first CINS symbol always being alphabetic and identifying the country or geographical area of the issuer. The seventh and eighth symbols stand for the type of the security and the ninth symbol is a control one and generated automatically. The CUSIP code corresponds to the NSIN symbols of the ISIN-кода (symbols 3–11). For example, in CINS P2253TJQ3, symbols P2253T stand for the issuer CEMEX, where P stands for the South American region, JQ stand for the bond, and 4 is a control symbol.
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