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Category — Market Participants
A Bookrunner is an investment bank or investment company which helps the issuer to place bonds on the market. The bookrunner may be responsible for the compliance of the issued securities according to the applicable legislation.

The bookrunner performs the following tasks: the analysis of the possibilities and outlook of the issuer’s entry into the market, determination of the conditions and parameters of the issue, preparation of issue documentation, interaction with other market participants, formation of a pool of investors, conducting PR events (road shows and other ways of interaction with potential investors), etc. The amount of remuneration is determined as a % of the volume of the issue. The percentage of remuneration is highly dependent on the category of the borrower.

Information about the bookrunners of the initial placement is displayed in the "Placement" block in the "Bookrunner" field, the arrangers of additional placements can be seen in the "Auctions and additional placements" block.

Cbonds compiles Bookrunners’ league tables for various markets and market segments. Ready-made rankings are presented in the section: http://old.cbonds.com/rankings/

The user can also generate their own ranking of organizers by setting their own criteria in the IB League Tables: http://old.cbonds.com/rankings/generator/
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