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Bonus Outperformance Certificate

Category — Structured Products
This type belongs to the category of structured products with participation.

It is a combination of two types: outperformance certificate and bonus certificate. The maximum loss on the certificate is not limited. If the price goes higher than the specified price of the underlying asset (strike), the income on the certificate grows larger than the underlying asset price.

If at certificate expiration the underlying asset price stays within the range limited by the barrier (threshold level) and the specified price (strike), the investor will not gain income. This peculiarity of this product gives a limited protection for the capital, because if the underlying asset price lowers insignificantly (not reaching the threshold), the investor will not lose money. If the underlying asset price reaches the threshold level, the investor loses the opportunity to protect the capital, the barrier disappears, and the bonus certificate turns into an outperformance certificate.
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