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SPDR® Bloomberg Barclays Investment Grade Floating Rate ETF (USD) (FLRN, US78468R2004)

30.77 USD
NAV Per Share
Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)
Type of fund
Fixed Income
Investment category
Investment Grade
Investor locations
Inception Date
2,347.86 mln USD
Total assets of the fund
0.15 %
Total Cost Ratio
Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Dollar Floating Rate Note
SPDR State Street Global Advisors
2,347.86 mln USD
Stock class assets
12 times per year
Dividend payments
Replication method
Minimum entry threshold

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Quotes (FLRN)

Yield on 19/04/2024

  • YTD
    2.17 %
  • 1M
    0.63 %
  • 3M
    1.77 %
  • 6M
    3.51 %
  • 1Y
    7.15 %
  • 3Y
    10.15 %
  • 5Y
    13.72 %
  • 10Y
    22.13 %
At the price on the exchange, taking into account income payments

Price dynamics


The SPDR Bloomberg Investment Grade Floating Rate ETF seeks to replicate as closely as possible the price and yield performance of the Bloomberg U.S. Dollar Floating Rate Note

Structure on 19/04/2024

Paper Value
IBRD, FRN 19aug2027, USD (101196) 1.76%
IBRD, FRN 12jan2027, USD 1.61%
EBRD, FRN 14apr2026, USD 1.4%
IBRD, FRN 23sep2026, USD (101592) 1.36%
IBRD, FRN 18sep2025, USD (101215) 1.17%
Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), FRN 10feb2026, USD (776) 1.05%
Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), FRN 16sep2026, USD (809) 1.03%
JP Morgan, FRN 22apr2027, USD 0.9645%
Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), FRN 15feb2029, USD (823) 0.934%
Asian Development Bank (ADB), FRN 16jun2026, USD 0.899%
KBN (Kommunalbanken), FRN 17jun2026, USD 0.8868%
EBRD, FRN 15oct2024, USD 0.8782%
Athene Global Funding, FRN 24may2024, USD 0.857%
IBRD, FRN 6aug2024, USD (100875) 0.8141%
Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), FRN 4oct2027, USD 0.8%
Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, FRN 11mar2026, USD 0.7706%
Commonwealth Bank, FRN 7jul2025, USD 0.7453%
Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), FRN 12apr2027, USD (827) 0.7238%
AT&T Inc, FRN 12jun2024, USD 0.7083%
European Investment Bank (EIB), FRN 21jan2026, USD 0.691%
Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec, FRN 19may2025, USD 0.6609%
Public Storage, FRN 23apr2024, USD 0.6559%
Verizon Communications, FRN 20mar2026, USD 0.6481%
Asian Development Bank (ADB), FRN 6apr2027, USD 0.6409%
EBRD, FRN 16feb2029, USD 0.6368%
Swedish Export Credit (SEK), FRN 3aug2026, USD 0.6281%
Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), FRN 20mar2028, USD (790) 0.6262%
IBRD, FRN 23feb2027, USD 0.5968%
EBRD, FRN 20feb2028, USD 0.5967%
IBRD, FRN 22nov2028, USD (101447) 0.5938%
Nordic Investment Bank (NIB), FRN 12may2026, USD 0.5902%
IBRD, FRN 17jun2024, USD (101170) 0.5891%
Asian Development Bank (ADB), FRN 27aug2026, USD (1317-00-1) 0.5654%
European Investment Bank (EIB), FRN 21may2028, USD 0.5611%
JPMorgan Chase Bank, FRN 8dec2026, USD 0.5509%
Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), FRN 4feb2025, USD (767) 0.5371%
Commonwealth Bank, FRN 14mar2025, USD 0.5218%
HSBC Holdings plc, FRN 14aug2027, USD 0.5121%
Truist Financial, FRN 9jun2025, USD (G) 0.5043%
Public Sector Pension Investment Board, FRN 3mar2025, USD 0.4955%
Bank of America Corporation, FRN 4feb2028, USD (N) 0.4823%
Goldman Sachs Bank USA, FRN 18mar2027, USD 0.4689%
National Australia Bank (NAB), FRN 12jan2025, USD 0.4655%
IBRD, FRN 15jun2026, USD (101485) 0.462%
JP Morgan, FRN 24feb2026, USD 0.458%
HSBC Holdings plc, FRN 10mar2026, USD 0.4568%
Citibank N.A., FRN 29sep2025, USD 0.4493%
General Electric, FRN 5may2026, USD (A) 0.4277%
Goldman Sachs, FRN 15may2026, USD (N) 0.4225%
Jackson National Life Global Funding, FRN 28jun2024, USD 0.422%
UBS (London Branch), FRN 9aug2024, USD 0.4143%
Goldman Sachs, FRN 10aug2026, USD 0.4121%
IFC, FRN 16mar2026, USD 0.4114%
Caterpillar Financial Services Corp., FRN 13sep2024, USD (J) 0.4107%
Bank of America Corporation, FRN 2apr2026, USD (N) 0.3988%
Morgan Stanley Bank, N.A., FRN 16jul2025, USD 0.3974%
Westpac Banking, FRN 18nov2024, USD 0.3945%
Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, FRN 4apr2025, USD 0.3934%
New York Life Global Funding, FRN 2apr2026, USD (2023-5) 0.3915%
Morgan Stanley, FRN 18feb2026, USD (I) 0.3899%
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, FRN 18jan2027, USD 0.3855%
Rabobank (New York Branch), FRN 18jul2025, USD 0.3814%
Citigroup, FRN 24feb2028, USD 0.3791%
John Deere Capital, FRN 11oct2024, USD (H) 0.3781%
Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), FRN 16aug2027, USD 0.375%
Volkswagen Group of America, FRN 20mar2026, USD 0.3729%
Mizuho Financial Group, FRN 22may2026, USD 0.3712%
Goldman Sachs, FRN 15mar2028, USD 0.371%
BMW, FRN 11aug2025, USD 0.3699%
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, FRN 16sep2024, USD 0.3697%
Bank of America Corporation, FRN 15sep2027, USD 0.3642%
JP Morgan, FRN 24feb2028, USD 0.3626%
BPCE, FRN 19oct2027, USD 0.3613%
New York Life Global Funding, FRN 9jun2026, USD (2021-11) 0.3541%
Roche Holdings Inc, FRN 10mar2025, USD 0.3473%
Banque Federative du Credit Mutuel, FRN 4feb2025, USD 0.3421%
Goldman Sachs, FRN 21oct2027, USD 0.3369%
Goldman Sachs, FRN 9mar2027, USD 0.3346%
Wells Fargo, FRN 25apr2026, USD (U) 0.3323%
Bank of America Corporation, FRN 25apr2025, USD (N) 0.326%
Bank of New York Mellon, FRN 13mar2026, USD 0.326%
CIBC, FRN 7apr2025, USD 0.3238%
Protective Life Global Funding, FRN 28mar2025, USD (2022-3) 0.3233%
JP Morgan, FRN 26apr2026, USD 0.3233%
Toronto-Dominion Bank, FRN 10sep2024, USD 0.319%
Citigroup, FRN 25jan2026, USD 0.3173%
National Australia Bank (NAB), FRN 13may2025, USD 0.3161%
Rabobank, FRN 9jan2026, USD 0.3143%
JP Morgan, FRN 23jan2028, USD 0.3126%
Toyota Motor Credit, FRN 13sep2024, USD (B) 0.3126%
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, FRN 3oct2025, USD 0.3097%
NextEra Energy Capital Holdings, FRN 29jan2026, USD 0.307%
Westpac Banking, FRN 26aug2025, USD 0.3069%
Citigroup, FRN 17mar2026, USD 0.3035%
UBS Group, FRN 12may2026, USD 0.3027%
Societe Generale, FRN 21jan2026, USD 0.3001%
Caterpillar Financial Services Corp., FRN 27feb2026, USD (K) 0.2987%

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