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Organization: IG UNIVER
TIN 7713041891, PSRN 1027700420857

Organization ceased operations
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Investment Group “UNIVER”
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Investment Group “UNIVER” offers a range of investment services designed to preserve our clients' capital and provide attractive growth opportunities. The structure of IG “UNIVER” includes such divisions as Joint-Stock Investment Company “UNIVER”, the Joint-Stock Asset Management Company “UNIVER”, the Legal bureau “UNIVER”. During its work IC “UNIVER” has earned reputation of the fair and reliable partner. By the national Association of Participants of the Share Market the company has also received a personal Rating “A” – corresponding with high reliability. On being the participant of the tenders at the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX), the Russian Trading System (RTS), Joint-Stock Company Investment Company “UNIVER” offers the services on broker operations, carrying out purchases and sales of shares, bank and corporate bonds, depositary certificates, bank and corporate bills.




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    1027700420857 on 12/11/2002

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