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Organization: Region Group

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"REGION" Investment Group
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REGION Investment Group has already been working in the Russian securities market for more than 10 years. The Group consists of its core - Investment Company REGION - and 5 more companies specialized in corresponding business areas: OOO REGION Brokerage Company, ZAO Depository Company REGION, ZAO REGION Asset Management, ZAO REGION Financial Consultants and OOO REGION Development.

In the first quarter of 2006 REGION Investment Group ranked 8th largest Russian investment company by volume of securities transactions (in comparison with 11th place in 2005) and entered the Top-25 of largest operators in different types of financial instruments: promissory notes (2nd place), bonds (3th place), stocks (23nd place). The Group is one of the largest stock market intermediaries (7th place) and largest stock exchange operators (12th place) by rating of investment companies of Kommersant-Dengi. In 2005 REGION Investment Group increased total turnover of trades in securities by 3.6 times - up to $27.6 billion -compared with corresponding period of 2004 (best performance among largest Russian market participants). Turnover of trades in promissory notes amounted $19.84 billion (71.91% of total turnover), in bonds - $5.52 billion (20.0%), in stocks - $2.14 billion (7.75%), in shares – $0.1 (0.33%).

In the first half of 2006 REGION Investment Group ranked 12th in summary ranking of underwriters (domestic market) and 3th in ranking of municipal bonds underwriters. In addition, the Group is market leader in public promissory note issues (by ranking of CBonds Agency).




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