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Organization: Reserve Invest (Cyprus) Limited

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Reserve Invest (Cyprus) Limited
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Reserve Invest (Cyprus) Limited ("RIC" or "the Company") was incorporated in Cyprus in May 1998 as a limited liability company, under the provisions of the Cyprus Company Law. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Reserve Invest Holding (Cyprus) Limited, a company also registered in Cyprus. RIC serves both domestic and international clients and offers a full range of products and services to clients in the financial services sector including: asset management; fixed income and equity products and services, including sales and trading, research; and financial advisory services. Most of the Company's principal activities are, by their nature, highly competitive and subject to general market conditions that include volatile trading markets and fluctuations in the volume of market activity. Consequently, the Company's results have been, and are likely to continue to be, subject to wide fluctuations reflecting the impact of many factors beyond management's control, including securities market conditions, the level and volatility of interest rates, competitive conditions and the size and timing of transactions. The management's belief is that the Company's reputation for fair dealing is its greatest asset. The management is committed to maintaining the highest standards of business conduct.




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