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Organization: Mortgage Agent Vozrozhdenie 5
TIN 7743177233, PSRN 5167746203257

Full name of organization
Mortgage Agent Vozrozhdenie 5 LLC
Country of risk
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  • M/S&P/F
Bond debt
5 mln USD


Mortgage Agent Vozrozhdenie 5 is a special purpose entity founded for the securitization of mortgage loans of Bank Vozrozhdenie through their sale.


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03/06/2020 TBC Bank’s, Mortgage Agent Vozrozhdenie 5’s 4 Q 2019 Y IFRS results were published
18/05/2020 NWSC’s, Softline Trade’s, Elektrotsink’s, NPO Nauka’s, Mortgage Agent Vozrozhdenie 5’s 1 Q 2020 Y RAS results were published
17/06/2019 Volgogradskaya Energy Distribution Company’s, Tambovskaya ESK’s, Slavneft-YANOS’s, SIBUR Holding’s, RSG - Finance’s, Mortgage agent APB 2’s, Two Capitals Highway’s, Bashkir soda company’s, Commercial real estate Garant-Invest’s, Mortgage Agent Vozrozhdeni
29/04/2019 Magnit’s, Tambovskaya ESK’s, KZMS’s, Hals-Development’s, Tele-2-Saint-Petersburg’s, ER-Telecom Holding’s, STLC’s, Rollman Group’s RAS results were published
22/04/2019 Bank of Georgia’s, Mortgage Agent AkBars2’s, Mortgage Agent Absolut 4’s, Mortgage Agent MCB 2’s, Mortgage Agent Vozrozhdenie 5’s IFRS results were published
28/12/2018 Mortgage Agent Raiffeisen 01’s, HC Finance’s, Mortgage agent Sunrise-1’s, Mortgage Agent Sunrise-2’s, Mortgage agent Moskovskiy’s, Structural investment 1’s, Mortgage Agent KHMB-2’s, Sakhalinenergo’s RAS results were published
27/08/2018 Sovcomflot’s, Koks’s, SIBUR Holding’s, Tele-2-Saint-Petersburg’s, Mortgage Agent ATB’s, Mortgage Agent Vozrozhdenie 5’s 2 Q 2018 Y RAS results were published
22/05/2018 MRSK of South’s, AHLM Mortgage Agent 2010-1’s, Mortgage Agent AHML 2013-1’s, Mortgage Agent PSPb’s, Mortgage agent Absolute 2’s, Mortgage Agent AkBars2’s, Mortgage Agent BSPB’s, Mortgage Agent Vozrozhdenie 5’s 1 Q 2018 Y RAS results were published
13/03/2018 Severstal’s, Otkritie Holding’s, Mortgage agent ITB 2013’s, Mortgage Agent MCB’s, Mortgage Agent Metallinvest-1’s, Mortgage Agent MCB 2’s, Mortgage Agent Vozrozhdenie 5’s RAS results were published
21/04/2017 Vozrozhdenie Bank to collect bids for 4.1 bln bonds Apr 28
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    5167746203257 on 12/10/2016
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