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Organization: DTEK
TIN 34225325

The issuer's bonds defaulted in 2016
Organization name
Donbass Fuel-Energy Company(DTEK)
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Country of registration
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Donbass Fuel-Energy Company (DTEK) is a vertical integration of enterprises that build up an efficient production chain, from coal production to electric power generation and distribution. Mutually beneficial co-operation between coal mining enterprises and generating companies, introduction of advanced technologies, professional management and balanced social policy enable DTEK to be the leader in the fuel-energy market of Ukraine. Personnel of all levels and units of the Company are united into a powerful team. Over 50 000 people work at the enterprises located in Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk and Lugansk Regions. DTEK’s development strategy for the forthcoming years foresees an increase in corporate governance efficiency, optimization of key business processes and the introduction of new technologies.




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