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Organization: Alvisa Finance
TIN 7730555760, PSRN 1077746304393

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OOO Alvisa Finance
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Food and Beverage Production
Bond debt

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ALVISA AG – is an international vertically integrated company for alcohol manufacturing and distribution with a portfolio across wine distillate, brandy, vermouth and wines. The Russian division of ALVISA Alcohol Group (ALVISA AG) business is supervised by UNIWAY Management. UNIWAY Management was founded in 1996. In December 2006 upon successful completion of certification audit the company was granted ISO International Quality Management certificate for Distribution and Marketing System. UNIWAY Management established partnership with over 120 distribution companies covering all 87 regions of the Russian Federation. Through a network of local representative offices UNIWAY Management is active in all Russia’s major cities. UNIWAY Management operates production facilities and manages brand portfolio for «Stavropolsky Vinno-Konyachnyi Zavod” (SVKZ) and “Mineralovodsky Zavod Vinogradnyh Vin” (MZVV). SVKZ (annual production capacity amounts to 12 million litres of brandy and vermouth) – is one of the three Russian top-line brandy producers. In November 2005 SVKZ was audited for compliance with ISO 9001:2000 International Quality Management System and obtained relevant certificate. SVKZ’ flagship brands include Stareyshina, Zolotaya Vyderzhka, Kremlevsky across brandies, as well as DELASY vermouth which is represented by a selection of bianco, rosso, flowery and extra dry varieties. MZVV (annual production capacity amounts to 10 million litres of wine) – In July 2007 table and fine wine production was launched.




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    1077746304393 on 07/02/2007
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