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Organization: Etalon LenSpetsSmu
TIN 7802084569, PSRN 1027801544308

Organization name
JSC Etalon LenSpetsSMU
Country name
Country of registration
Domestic and Commercial Construction
Credit ratings
  • ACRA / Expert RA
    - / ***
Bond debt
11 mln USD

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LenSpetsSMU Group (member of Etalon Group) is one of Russia’s largest and oldest homebuilders which have been operating since 1987. The Group was initially formed in 1987 by the Soviet Ministry of Electronics as a Special Construction and Maintenance Directorate of “Soyuselectronstroy”. In 1991, the Directorate separated from the association and was reorganized into PCE “LenSpetsSMU” which became CJSC LenSpetsSMU (Closed Joint Stock Company Specialized Construction and Assembly Association “LenSpetsSMU”) in 1995.
A vertically-integrated developer, LenSpetsSMU Group is equipped to manage the full cycle of the development and construction process from obtaining the permissions and design works to construction, sales, and ongoing maintenance.
Etalon Group successfully completed an IPO on the London Stock Exchange’s main market in April 2011, raising $575 million and becoming the first real estate company from Russia to go public since 2007.




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