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Organization: Tysmenytsia
TIN 00300015

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Open Joint-Stock Company “Fur Company "Tysmenytsia"
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Today, the Open Joint-Stock Company “Fur Company “Tysmenytsia” is one of the biggest enterprises of the fur field in Ukraine and Europe, which provides for purchasing, tanning and painting of fells of rabbit, mink, nutria, fox, polar fox, musquash, astrakhan, broadtail, sheepskin; the company produces fur hats, as well as coats, jackets, accessories and articles on fur lining. Equipment and chemicals of the known western companies, such as “Bonis”, “Strobel”, “Balkoni”, “Shtockhausen”, “Clariant”, “Lovenstin”, and “Coloros”, are used in the up-to-date technological processes. Nowadays, company owns the integral complex of 16 hectares with closed infrastructure, which consists of heating (boiler house), energy (4 thousand kW substation), transport, mechanical repairs services, powerful purification facilities, which allows processing almost 10 million fells per year and producing high-quality fur articles. The enterprise is situated in the town Tysmenytsia, Ivano-Frankivsk region, near the international motorway Bucharest (Rumania) – Chernivtsi – Ivano-Frankivsk – Lviv- Kyiv, not far from the international airport and railway station Ivano-Frankivsk. Company has a powerful automatic digital telephone exchange; it is covered with mobile communication of four international providers of Ukraine. All abovementioned allows operatively keeping in touch with business partners, raw materials suppliers and customers. With the aim of improvement of management processes, and working on the principles of holding, there were created ten separate legal entities, including two joint ventures with foreign stock participation. In particularly, in the first time in Ukrainian light industry the joint Ukrainian-Netherlands venture “Tikaferlux” was created, 17 years of operation of which allowed it to take the leading place in the world’s fur market. With participation of Netherlands investors, there was created the limited liability company “Profi-Tys”, LTD, specialized in sewing of elite clothes for medical institutions. The Fur Company produces uniform for employees of Ministry of Internal Affairs, customs, railway transport, military personnel, clothing for hunters, fishers, etc. Among its foreign investors, there are well-known German companies “Rosenberg and Lenhart” and MPV. The OJSC “Fur Company “Tysmenytsia” is a reliable partner in currying and dyeing of fells for many companies of the former SovietUnion, it completes large orders in processing different kinds of fur into semimanufactures, supplies finished articles to its partners from Germany, USA, Canada, Sweden, Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Korea, Moldova, and other countries. The company is one of the first companies who have obtained certificates of conformance within the UkrSEPRO (Ukrainian State System of Products Certification) system, it owns the sole in Ukraine accredited test centre on certification of fur products. Own school of modern design allows to annually apply in production up to 300 new models of fur ready-made clothes and head-dresses, achieving wasteless technology at that. The company ensures acknowledgement of the high quality of its ready-made articles during certification tests in each country, which they are exported to. The company is a permanent participant of the most of fur fairs and congresses. It repeatedly was awarded with prestigious international awards for the high qualitative characteristics. The governing body, team of competent managers of the joint-stock company have large experience in co-operation with various companies and work for step by step fulfillment of responsibilities taken upon themselves. The company has a sufficient amount of free workspace and is ready to consider propositions on creation of joint ventures in the field of light industry (clothes, footwear, etc), leasing. Proposals on leasing and tariffs for electricity and heat, cold and hot water, usage of purifying facilities are given in the proposals for co-operation.


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