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Organization: Direct Energie
LEI 969500AZY2G5SSJC5G90

Organization name
Direct Energie
Country name
Country of registration
Bond debt
116 mln USD

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Direct Energie SA, formerly Poweo Direct Energie SA, is a France-based company engaged in the utilities sector. The Company was established as a result of a merger between Poweo SA and Direct Energie SA, which was concluded on July 11, 2012. The Company is involved in the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical power, as well as in the distribution of natural gas. The Company is active in the power generation through hydroelectric power plants and wind farms. The Company is also active in the development of combined cycle gas turbine plants. Poweo Direct Energie SA supplies electricity and gas to a range of clients, including industrial, individual and commercial customers, small and medium-sized businesses.




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