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Organization: Frontier Communications Parent
LEI 549300ZCZ76HYCS0H445

The issuer's bonds defaulted in 2020
Organization name
Frontier Communications Parent Inc (formerly Frontier Communications Corporation)
Country name
Country of registration
Communication Services
Bond debt
12,102 mln USD

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Frontier Communications Parent Inc(formerly Frontier Communications Corporation) completed a series of transactions pursuant to which it transferred all of its assets in a taxable sale to an indirectly wholly owned subsidiary of Frontier Communications Parent, Inc., a Delaware corporation, prior to winding down its business. Frontier Communications Parent, Inc. became the successor to Frontier Communications Corporation. Frontier Communications Corporation provides communications services to residential and business customers in urban, suburban, and rural communities in the United States. The Company offers a variety of communications solutions services through its fiber-optic and copper networks, including video, high-speed internet, advanced voice, and frontier secure digital protection.




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  • LEI
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  • ICB
    6,500 Telecommunications
  • CIK

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