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Organization: Belon-Finance
TIN 5410004953, PSRN 1065410002074

Organization name
Belon-Finance LLC
Country name
Country of registration
Coal Mining
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OOO Belon-Finance is a subsidiary of OAO Belon. Belon Company is a major Russian producer of coal and coal products, and one of the leaders of metal trading in the country. Its key business activities include the production of metallurgical (coking) and steam coals, coal concentrates, construction materials, and a range of innovative products. The company is headquartered in Novosibirsk with offices in Moscow, Lipetsk, Magnitogorsk, Kemerovo and Belov. Shareholders: Tatiana Belova 43/75%, Andrey Dobrov 56.25%. AiF-MediaPressa-Finance was set up in order to raise funds on the public capital markets for financing of projects of ZAO Argumenty i Fakty ("Arguments and Facts”) and OOO United Printing House Media-Pressa




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  • TIN
  • IEC
  • PSRN
    1065410002074 on 14/02/2006
  • OKPO

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