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Organization: Yug Rusi

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The group of companies “Yug Rusi”
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The group of companies “Yug Rusi” is a vertically integrated holding which combines all the technological constituents of manufacturing: from growing raw materials to supply of finished goods to consumers. This arrangement allows actually controlling the quality of goods at all stages. Due to this fact sunflower oil “Golden seed” that is produced by the agroholding “Yug Rusi” is the sales leader in Russia and is gaining recognition in the countries where great attention is paid to quality and healthy food. In 2003 at the international exhibition “The World oils” in Paris sunflower oil “Golden seed” was awarded a silver medal preceded only by the hosts of the exhibition. The oil produced by agro-industrial holding “Yug Rusi” without exaggeration is one of the best in the world. At present “Yug Rusi” holding operates on more than 200 000 hectares of fertile land which accounts for nearly 12% of the entire arable land of such a country as Netherlands.




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