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Organization: Usina Sao Joao
LEI 549300S6NLOP342CO067

The issuer's bonds defaulted in 2020
Organization name
Usina Sao Joao Acucar E Alcool S.A.
Country name
Country of registration
Bond debt

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U.S.J. - Acucar e Alcool S.A. produces sugar and ethanol. The company is based in Araras, Brazil. It operates as a part of Grupo U.S.J. - a leading Brazilian producer of sugar and ethanol. Each harvest, processing 8 million tons of cane, grown on 96,000 hectares of land themselves, partners and suppliers cane. Produces 650 000 tonnes of sugar in various specifications, 280 million liters of ethanol and 350 000 MW of electricity.




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  • LEI
  • SIC
    2062 Cane sugar refining
  • ICB
    3,500 Food & Beverage

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