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Organization: Denizbank
TIN 7705205000, PSRN 1027739453390, LEI 253400E66QH7F01AGQ96, SWIFT IKBARUMM

Organization name
Joint-Stock Company "Denizbank Moscow"
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  • ACRA / Expert RA
    *** / -
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CJSC Denizbank Moscow was established on 19 May 2003 through the acquisition of CJSC Iktisat Bank (Moscow) and was re-registered on 19 September 2003. The Bank's predecessor, CJSC Iktisat Bank (Moscow) was initially established by Iktisat Bankasi T.A.S. as a joint stock company under the legislation of the Russian Federation and was granted its general banking license in 1998. In December 2007 the Bank has been renamed to CJSC Dexia Bank by decision of shareholders meeting on November 15, 2007. In May 2012 the bank has been renamed back to Denizbank Moscow by decision of shareholders. The Bank is a part of DenizBank Financial Services Group, which before October 2006 was part of Zorlu Group - a significant financial and industrial group in Turkey, specialising in textile, electronics, energy production and financial services. On October 2006, Dexia Participation Belgique SA, 100% of which is directly and indirectly owned by Dexia SA/NV, became the main shareholder of the DenizBank Group, after acquisition of the 75% of the total outstanding shares from Zorlu Holding A.Ş. In December 2006 Dexia acquired the remaining shares listed on Istanbul stock exchange and the shareholding of Dexia Group stands to 99,84%.Continuing its activities under Dexia umbrella for 6 years, Denizbank Moscow operates as from 28 September 2012 under the roof of Sberbank, the biggest and deepest-rooted bank in Russia. The Bank's parent companies are DenizBank AS (Turkey), the owner of 49% of the Bank and DenizBank AG (Austria), the owner of 51% of the Bank.





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  • TIN
  • LEI
  • ICB
    8,300 Banks
  • IEC
  • PSRN
    1027739453390 on 24/10/2002
  • OKPO
  • BIC

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