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Organization: PJSC Creative
TIN 31146251

The issuer's bonds defaulted in 2016
Organization name
PrJSC Creative
Country name
Country of registration
Food and Beverage Production
Credit ratings
in foreign currency
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Bond debt
11 mln USD

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PrJSC Creative is a member of Creative Group. Creative Group is a leading Ukrainian integrated agro-industrial company and one of the largest producers of agricultural products in Ukraine. It produces fats and margarines, sunflower oil and meal, soybean meal and oil and biofuel pellets and is engaged in agriculture, particularly farming and livestock breeding. The Group is a major player in the production of fats and margarines on the Ukrainian market (with a market share of over 30%). It is among the top 3 Ukrainian sunflower seed processors as a result of its installed capacities and is a leading soybean processing company (holding a market share of over 16%). The Group operates nine plants, eight elevator complexes, and crop farming and pig-breeding facilities. Creative Group sells its products to both industrial companies and end consumers. The Group’s facilities produce unbranded products and products under the trademarks Sonola, Delikon, Dyvne and Kum. The Group sells its products in all regions of Ukraine and exports them to more than 25 countries. Currently, Creative Group employs 3,200 people.


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