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Organization: Vagonmash
TIN 7810240451, PSRN 1037821048044

The issuer's bonds defaulted in 2010
Organization name
Country name
Country of registration
Miscellaneous Machinery and Industrial Equipment
Bond debt
10 mln USD

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"VAGONMASH" CJSC has a rich history, being one of the oldest car-building enterprises in Russia. Now the plant is a part of Group of companies Vagonmash. It was founded in 1874 as a factory for the production carpenter-technical products. The main products were mail boxes for rail coaches of the first Tsarkoselskaya railway in Russia. In 1898 "The Association of St. Petersburg Car-Building Factory" produced the first car for railways in its history. In May 1968, the first metro car has successfully passed experience-tests at "Leningrad Car-Building Factory named after Egorov I.E.". And in a year already more than a hundred such metro cars transported passengers in the Leningrad underground. Today, "VAGONMASH" CJSC is one of the leading enterprises of car-building branch in Russia, having a great experience in designing and manufacturing of rail coaches and metro cars. The plant has been working on developing and introducing to the market the brand new models of comfortable “economy” class passenger rolling stock, corresponding to a high degree of quality and taking into account tendencies of car-building development. The obligations of management of "VAGONMASH" CJSC are stated in «The Policy in the field of quality». Certificate reception on conformity to requirements of ISO 9001-2008 has confirmed that the chosen way of development of "VAGONMASH" CJSC and a built control system including in the field of quality, corresponds to the modern requirements applied by the best companies in the world. We serve JSC "Russian Railways", Russian Post Federal State Unitary Enterprise (“FSUE Russian Post”), municipal Russian and foreign underground metropolitan railways, as well as independent operators-carriers./05,2011 Established in 1874, Vagonmash Closed Joint Stock Company is one of the oldest railway car building facilities in Russia. The very first passenger railway cars were produced by the plant. In 1968, a first transit vehicle was successfully tested here. Over the period of its operation, the plant has produced over 10,000 passenger-class cars (i.e. compartment cars, mail-cars, freight cars, cars for State Bank valuables transportation, and special-purpose cars) and about 3,000 underground transit vehicles. In 2002, the company started a new series of intercity cars and dining-cars. All cars are produced to the latest technology. This provides for maximum level of comfort, safety, ease of operation, as well as for the optimal price-quality ratio.




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  • TIN
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  • PSRN
    1037821048044 on 10/02/2003
  • OKPO

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