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Organization: Petrocommerce Bank
TIN 7707284568, PSRN 1027739340584, LEI 2534002RRD7DUJJLCP74

Successor company: Otkritie Bank
Organization name
Open Joint-Stock Company Commercial bank "Petrocommerce"
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Open Joint-Stock Company Commercial bank Petrocommerce (Bank Petrocommerce) was established in April 1992. The Bank is one of the strategic assets of IFD Kapital Group. IFD Kapital Group was set up in 2003 as a group of financial companies. It has developed into one of the largest diversified holdings with assets in such economic sectors as oil and gas, finance, pension, construction, power generation, mass media and high technologies. Since 1998, Bank Petrocommerce has been the primary bank of LUKOIL, Russian oil major company. Bank Petrocommerce is the primary settlement bank of the LUKOIL Group for its rouble flows providing it with settlement services, conversion operations, cash management functions as well as payroll projects for the Group's employees. Apart from the companies of the LUKOIL Group, the Bank renders a complete array of banking services to a broad range of large and small companies harnessing its extensive expertise gained from long-term beneficial cooperation with the LUKOIL Group. An efficient regional policy ensuring coverage of key economic zones with high growth potential contributes to a high geographic diversification of the Bank's business. Petrocommerce Banking Group comprises the following commercial banks: OJSC Stavropolpromstroybank OJSC Komiregionbank Ukhtabank PJSC Bank Petrocommerce-Ukraine Petrocommerce Bank is a part of IFD Capital Group, one of Russian major diversified direct investment holdings.

Petrocommerce Bank has been merged into Otkritie FC Bank.




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  • PSRN
    1027739340584 on 09/10/2002
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