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Organization: Intercorp Peru

Organization name
Intercorp Peru Ltd.
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Other Financial Institutions
Bond debt
776 mln USD

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Intercorp Peru Ltd. is a member of the interbank Group, with headquarters in Lima - Perú. In 1994, a group of Peruvian entrepreneurs acquired Banco Internacional del Perú with the purpose of turning it into a leading financial entity focused on consumer banking to serve all Peruvians. After this initial step, the great change began. The new Interbank culture created a new way to see the banking business with a view at TURNING INTERBANK INTO THE BEST BANK, BASED ON THE BEST PEOPLE, OUR EMPLOYEES. This sound Peruvian entrepreneurial group is making a difference in fields as diverse as banking, life and accident insurance, supermarket retailing, and others. All our service companies focus on people through a culture that binds us together, driven by our passion to serve our clients and achieve excellence.




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  • LEI
  • SIC
    6020 Commercial banks
  • ICB
    2,700 Industrial Goods & Services
  • CIK

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