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Organization: Alior Bank

Organization name
Alior Bank S.A.
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Country of registration
Bond debt
251 mln USD

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Alior Bank is a national and universal bank, servicing all market segments. The bank’s strategy assumes balanced and rational development, based on the principles of traditional and sound banking: transparency, security, stability, responsibility, advice, entrepreneurship and innovativeness. The bank’s offering is targeted at Customers, who are expecting a high quality of services, advice, and higher yields on their products. The bank makes available standard products and services which were only offered to date to selected, the most affluent Customers, as well as products which have not been available to date on the market.

Alior Bank achieved operating profitability in the 22nd month of its activity, ie. seven months earlier than expected in the business plan. In 2011 Alior Bank reached a net profit of 150 million zlotys.

The bank employs experienced employees, who come from multiple financial institutions in Poland and abroad, who have been working in banking for an average of 8 years. 4700 people currently work for Alior Bank.

The bank’s head office is in Warsaw, while its technical and operational support is in Kraków. Alior Bank has built a large distribution network in a short period. Customers were attended to in 208 branches, 60 Alior Bank Express branches and over 370 Agencies.


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    6020 Commercial banks
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    8,300 Banks

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